Its been days since I had water for breakfast.


After the sexual harassment of a penguin, the five trucks on their way home stoppen met roken.


Cute salamanders and red mullet fish, while chopping the scallion were announcing the price of selery.


Who thought it was someone?


A your in your in…


"Do not have breakfast!”, a beautiful bird outside my window said,

But If you see someone hiding let him know that horribilis has ponus de Fistula Auritulus!


A moment of silence…


The sky when it’s red, and while swimming in the beautiful sea of holland  has a vigorous battle, without enemies.


Odysseas, Hippotolamus,Mormulak and Mmmapouin…Brrr!


In the end, They decided to drink Green Tea only while eating the toma toes, and everybody else is welcome!